Beautiful Days spent with family – Video Highlights

I felt the urge to name this video Beautiful Days because if you’d seen our weekend you’d appreciate the week as much as we have. Wet weather, sick kids, sicker… View Post


Hey Ladies, It’s time again for my now 35 weeks pregnancy update. It’s been a slow ride up until now, I feel as though the time has gone so slowly and now I am seeing the weeks pass quicker than I realise.
This week my family and I have been getting into the festive spirit by driving around Brisbane to see the amazing Christmas lights and getting our family photo with Santa.
Since my last update 2 weeks ago I have had an Ultrasound and an OBS/Midwife appointment where Lemar got to hear the baby’s heartbeat, it was so adorable.… View Post


Hey Ladies, I was 30 weeks pregnant when I did my last pregnancy update so this week I am doing my 31-32 weeks pregnant update. I had a few things in life happen including lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and back pain that stopped me being able to vlog on the days I have my son in daycare.

This week my son’s daycare educator’s daughter is ill so I haven’t have much of a chance again to do another update but I am trying my best to squeeze one in for you. I hope to try and do a video update on the weekend if I get a chance.… View Post